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Best Progressive Jackpot Pokies Games

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Progressive jackpot pokies are famous for creating millionaires overnight. If you’re a pokies player and want to change your fortunes, we recommend them. Luckily, at Robin Roo, we have some of the best progressive jackpot slot games with massive jackpots that could change your life.

What are Progressive Jackpot Pokies?


Progressive jackpot pokies (or slot machines) are a type of casino game where the jackpot prize increases. The jackpot prize keeps increasing each time the game is played but the jackpot is not won.

A small percentage of each bet made by players is contributed to the jackpot. This makes the jackpot prize to keep growing until someone hits the winning combination and claims the jackpot.

How Progressive Pokies Work?

A progressive jackpot has a jackpot prize that increases in value each time that a bet is made on that machine or a collection of connected machines. Because the jackpot is not fixed, it means that over time, players can win massive jackpots. To win the jackpot, you must play on maximum bet. In addition, you must land all 5 or 6 of the highest paying symbol in a single payline. As soon as someone wins that progressive jackpot, the pot will reset to a predetermined amount.

Types Of Progressive Pokies

We are excited to offer you various progressive slot machines, with a chance for you to win millions in Mega Moolah. You have the option to play progressive pokies on your mobile device too, as Robin Roo is mobile responsive, and you won’t even need to download any app. Below are the progressive pokies available for you to play:

Standalone Progressives

These are very simple to understand. This is because they are standalone slots, which means that they are not connected to any other machine or network. It should be noted that with pokies, the gameplay remains the same throughout and so, nothing changes when it comes to that.

The only difference is that with a standalone progressive, a fraction of each bet you make will be added to the jackpot, and each machine has its own jackpot.

Local Progressives

The jackpot combines various machines at the same casino. This means a number of connected machines at a casino will contribute towards the total jackpot prize.

Wide Area Network Progressives

With this type of progressive jackpot, players can win millions of dollars. This is because the jackpots are made up of bets from various machines from several casinos. However, the bets have to be made on the same pokie game like Mega Moolah.

That means all the stakes made on Mega Moolah at all the participating casinos will go towards the prize pool. These are the best to play as they offer huge winnings, although you should be wary of your bankroll.

Best Real Money Pokies with Progressive Prizes

Below are just a taste of the progressive jackpot bounty Robin Roo has to offer! We have a diverse range of pokies with varying themes, features, and jackpot sizes to suit every player's preference.

  1. Jackpot Cleopatra's Gold Deluxe: A classic pokie with a captivating theme and exciting features that can lead to both smaller and potentially life-changing wins.
  2. The Spirit of The Inca: This pokie offers stunning visuals, engaging features, and a decent progressive jackpot, making it a solid choice for players seeking a dynamic experience.
  3. Aztec's Millions: If you're chasing the biggest potential wins, Aztec's Millions is the pokie for you. However, be prepared for a higher level of volatility and lower base game payouts.
  4. Megasaur: This exciting pokie offers thrilling gameplay, impressive visuals, and a massive potential jackpot, making it a favorite among adrenaline-seeking pokie enthusiasts.
  5. Shopping Spree 3: This lighthearted pokie offers a fun and potentially rewarding experience. While the jackpot isn't the biggest, the engaging features and bonus game can lead to enjoyable wins.

Why Should You Pay Jackpot Pokies at Robin Roo Casino?

At Robin Roo Casino, we bring you the finest titles that promise not only excitement but the chance to win life-changing jackpots. And that’s just one of the reasons to play the best real money progressive jackpot pokies at Robin Roo. We offer;

Generous Bonuses & Promotions

We don't just throw you into the wild with a rusty shovel. We equip you with a bounty of bonuses to fuel your pokie expeditions. From a generous welcome package to regular promotions and loyalty rewards, you'll always have something extra to bolster your bankroll.

Secure & Fair Gaming

We take your safety and security as seriously as a kookaburra guarding its young. We employ top-notch security measures to ensure your information and funds are always protected.

Wide Range of Games

We're not just about pokies, mate! We offer a diverse range of casino games, including table classics, specialty options, and more. So, if you fancy a break from the pokies, there's a whole playground of entertainment waiting for you.

24/7 Customer Support

Our friendly support team is always hopping by to ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable experience. Whether you have a question, need assistance, or just want to chat about the latest pokies, they're here to help.

Progressive Jackpot Pokies FAQs

Are progressive jackpots worth it?

The worth of progressive jackpots depends on individual preferences and risk tolerance. While they offer the potential for substantial winnings, they often require larger bets and have lower odds of winning compared to regular slots.

What triggers a progressive jackpot in pokies?

Progressive jackpots in pokies are typically triggered by landing a specific combination of symbols or achieving a certain outcome during the game. The exact trigger conditions vary between different slot games.

Can you win playing progressive jackpots pokies with a minimum bet?

Yes, it is possible to win a progressive jackpot with a minimum bet, but the chances are usually proportional to the size of the bet. Some games may have a minimum bet requirement to be eligible for the jackpot.

What is the most famous progressive jackpot pokie?

One of the most famous progressive jackpot pokies is "Mega Moolah." It has gained widespread popularity for its massive jackpots and has set records for some of the largest online slot payouts.

Are progressive jackpot pokies random?

Yes, progressive jackpot pokies, like other slot machines, use random number generators (RNGs) to determine the outcomes. The RNG ensures that each spin is independent and unpredictable, contributing to the randomness of the game.

Are progressive pokies linked to other casinos?

Yes, many progressive pokies are linked across multiple casinos. This creates a shared jackpot pool, allowing the prize to grow faster as players from different locations contribute to the same jackpot.